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Fighting COVID-19, SRRH International Healthcare Center is with you!
2020-03-01  Number:1274

Author: Zijiao Tao    Reviewer: Su Dongming

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Sir Run Run Hospital, Nanjing Medical University has sent four medical support teams to Hubei Province, with a total of 59 doctors and nurses (Second most staff sent from Jiangsu Province), who are stationed in Wuhan and Huangshi. They carry out epidemic control and prevention in the First People's Hospital of Jiangxia District, Wuhan Tongji Hospital · Sino-French Eco-City campus, Fang Cang Hospital of Wuhan Sports Center, Huangshi Central Hospital and Huangshi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Lu Xiang, Vice Principal of Nanjing Medical University and President of Sir Run Run Hospital, was appointed to be the Chief Commander of Jiangsu-Huangshi medical support team, guiding the medical work at the front line of the epidemic.

    Recently, to prevent the COVID-19 cases brought in by people coming back to work and school from overseas, Sir Run Run Hospital’s International Healthcare Center (IHC) has been using the WeChat account ProfMed2019 as a teaching platform, to present video interpretations and medical terminology to provide practical knowledge for medical workers who may come in contact with foreign patients. IHC team also made English training materials (including PPT, videos, slides, surveys, handouts, etc.) for hospital staff, in order to better screen patients and prevent COVID-19 importing. Many foreign friends and scholars who work with our hospital have sent their wishes. IHC has organized these to a video, as a tribute to our staff fighting the outbreak.

    Jiangning District is a high gathering place for foreign visitors and students. IHC of Sir Run Run Hospital is actively involved in the prevention of imported COVID-19. We rearranged clinical and waiting area according to epidemic precautions, and set up bilingual signs and patient notice to triage areas, outpatient rooms, emergency department and the nurse’s station.

    All of us from IHC of Sir Run Run Hospital stand with you to continue fighting this epidemic!

Chinese New Years Day, Jan 25th 2020. SRRH President Lu Xiang sends off first medical support team to Wuhan.

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