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Our Hospital Hosts International Medical Service Training Lecture Series
2020-06-04  Number:613

Author: Zijiao Tao, Ji Ji   Reviewer: Su Dongming


In order to provide better medical services for foreigners in China, the International Healthcare Center of our hospital launched a series of lectures in 2020, aiming to improve the awareness of diversity in medical services and improve the quality of care for all patients.   

On June 4th, the first seminar was successfully held in the multidisciplinary consultation room of our International Healthcare Center. Doctors and Nurses from many different departments attended. The lecture was also live streamed on 4 different online platforms, thanks to the support of our Pain Department Director Dr Cheng Zhixiang, and a review would be posted on ProfMed2019 WeChat public page which was created by International Healthcare Center.

The speaker for the first lecture is Yu Tianchi from our Urology Center. Taking the United States and the United Kingdom as examples, she briefly introduced the European and American medical system, the habits of foreign patients and what we should pay attention to during our services. The lecture ended with audience discussion and a detailed introduction by Tao Zijiao of our hospital’s International Healthcare Center.

To wrap up, the center’s Head Nurse and Professor Ji Ji commented on the contents and pointed out that foreign medical services are a emerging market under the background of globalization. This lecture series is expected to help the medical staff of our hospital understand the cultural background of foreign patients, improve service abilities, and promote the internationalization of the hospital.

This lecture series will be given by 8 of our medical staff with overseas study and working background, who will introduce to you the medical system in European and American countries, cultural differences between the East and the West, foreign patient needs, etc. It will be held every two weeks for four months, with a total of eight classes.


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