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All Three of Our Clinical Laboratory Personnel Returned Safely From Xinjiang
2020-08-20  Number:1020

Author: Zijiao Tao     Reviewer: Dongming Su

On August 19, on the day of the third "Chinese Doctor's Day", Li Yan, Wang Wenjing and Han Zhongyan, three medical laboratory personnel from Sir Run Run Hospital, assisting nucleic acid testing in Xinjiang, have returned to Nanjing safely with Jiangsu to Xinjiang laboratory support team.

The clinical laboratory support team of Jiangsu went to Beijing to assist in nucleic acid testing on June 20th. On August 19th, they returned safely to Nanjing. Four of Sir Run Run Hospital’s laboratory specialists were sent to  different regions of the country to support COVID-19 testing.

As  Communist Party members, they beared in mind their original intention, carried out their mission, rushed forward and shouldered the heavy responsibility of epidemic prevention bravely.

Sir Run Run Hospital’s Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Center sends Li Wanchun (on the left), Wang Wenjing (on the right), Li Yan (Second on the left) and Han Zhongyan (second on the right) to support nucleic acid testing work for COVID-19.

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