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Hospital President Lu Xiang was Awarded with the “National Outstanding Individual for the Work Against COVID-19”
2020-09-09  Number:1816

Writer: Zijiao Tao             Reviewer: Dongming Su

In the morning of September 8th, the National Commendation Conference for the work during COVID-19 was held in the People’s Great Hall in Beijing. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered a speech and presented the medal of honor and the national honorary title to medical workers who have done outstanding work during the battle with COVID-19 in China. The conference commended outstanding individuals, groups, Communist Party members and CPC organizations nationwide.

 As Vice Principal of Nanjing Medical University, President Sir Run Run Hospital, vice deputy commander of Jiangsu Command and Control Bureau of epidemic prevention and Jiangsu to Huangshi Medical Team Leader, Dr Lu Xiang, is honored as "National Outstanding Individual of Work Against COVID-19”.

He thanked everyone and said that he was honored to be awarded and was moved by the speech of Chairman Xi at the conference. In his speech, Chairman Xi summarized China’s work in fighting the coronavirus, and expressed his high admiration towards the medical staff. Dr Lu Xiang thinks, it is the bounden duty of the medical staff and our responsibility to support Hubei Province. Today, we have won such an honor, which is highly praised by the CPC and the nation. He believes that this honor is not only personal, but also an affirmation of the whole medical system and all medical workers. In the prevention and control of this pandemic, all government organizations, departments and all sectors of the community worked together and made great contributions.

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