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Hero Praises Hero——Our Hospital’s Medical Team to Support COVID-19 in Wuhan Participate in the Special Activity of "Cloud Singing"
2020-10-02  Number:935

Writer: Zijiao Tao          Reviewer: Dongming Su

September 30 is the Seventh National Martyrs' Day. In front of the main revolutionary martyr monument in Yuhuatai, the national "cloud singing" special activity sponsored by Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery Administration Bureau and Jiangsu Provincial Radio and Television General Station opened a dialogue beyond time and space. Feng Dandan and Liu Mingfang, members of our Jiangsu to Wuhan medical team, along with Sun Zheng and He Jingyu, members of Jiangsu to Huangshi medical team, participated in the activity. 

"Comrades! The darkness is gone, and the dawn is just ahead of us! " In the sonorous recitation by Feng Yitong, a Nanjing writer in his late 80s, the dialogue that transcends time and space, began slowly. He recited “Praising the Light”, written by one of the Yuhua Martyrs, Xie Wenjin. 

Four medical staff in our hospital and Mr. Feng performed the new “Praising the Light” together. 

In the battle against COVID-19, our frontline medical staff painted a respectable and touching image with their hard work and dedication.  In Wuhan and Huangshi, they fought day and night, against the clock for the prevention and control of this pandemic. 

In an interview with the host, Feng Dandan, a member of our hospital's medical support team for Wuhan, said passionately that "no matter in the war years or in the peaceful years, we will inherit and carry forward the spirit of the older generation of revolutionary martyrs, bear in mind the mission of doctors, and spare no effort to protect the health of hundreds of families." 

In the fight against COVID-19 Sir Run Run Hospital, Nanjing Medical University, as a young provincial public A Level hospital, sent a total of 62 medical workers and laboratory personnel to Hubei, Beijing and Xinjiang to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work. They won various provincial and national awards including the “Advanced Individual for National Health and Health System COVID-19 Prevention and Control", “Jiangsu COVID-19 Remarkable Work”"Great Achievements in Prevention and Control", "Top 10 Medical Ethics Pacesetters in Jiangsu Province", "Most Beautiful Medical Workers in Jiangsu Province".

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