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Caring for Eye Health Around Campus
2020-11-26  Number:1145

Writer: Zijiao Tao          Reviewer: Dongming Su

On November 24, the Youth League Committee and Ophthalmology  Department of Sir Run Run Hospital, held a lecture on "Caring for Eye Health Around Campus" in the lecture hall of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University Library. The lecture was given by Jiang Feng and Diao Pengfei, directors of Ophthalmology. Nearly 400 teachers and students of Xiaozhuang University participated in the lecture.

In order to better promote the continuous implementation of the series of activities of "Caring for Eye Health Around Campus", and help teachers and students of surrounding colleges and universities solve the problem of eye health faster and more conveniently, the Department of Ophthalmology of Sir Run Run Hospital has specially set up a Wechat group for Xiaozhuang University, and will continue to provide free ophthalmic consultation, examination and other primary services.

This lecture at Nanjing Xiaozhuang University is the first activity of "Caring for Eye Health Around Campus". Secretary Feng Bin of the Youth League Committee and Director Jiang Feng of Ophthalmology attached great importance to this activity, hoping to take this opportunity to bring the awareness of caring for eye health into colleges and universities, so that more teachers and students can pay attention to their own eye health problems.

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