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The celebration for one year anniversary was successfully held in our hospital
2017-06-30  Number:794

On 28th June 2017, Sir Run Run Hospital held a ceremony which talks on the topic of integration, innovation, health and benefit, the construction and development of the system-new public hospital and the inauguration of academician workstation. Also, another ceremony was held for the unveiling of Shaw Yifu’s statue and the cultural park opening. Both aimed to celebrate the operation of our hospital since its founding one year ago.

In just a year, Sir Run Run Hospital has brought together its many advantages to give the public the high standard of care it deserved. Meanwhile, it has continuously strived to develop effective systems and the abilities of its doctors, as well as actively working to reform the supply side of medical service to ensure it can meet the needs of the public.

The ceremony was attended by:

Wang Yonghong:The director of the Jiangsu Health and Family Planning Commission.

Hong Liu:The deputy director of Jiangsu’s Provincial Department of Education.

Wang Yue:The deputy director general of Jiangsu Food Supervision and Administration Bureau.

Zhao Jun:The deputy director general of Jiangsu Provincial Organization Preparation Committee Office.

Chen Qi:The director of the Party Committee of Nanjing Medical University.

Shen Hongbing:The principal of Nanjing Medical University.

Tang Jinhai:The dean of Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital.

Cheng Haibo:The vice principal of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Wang Xuehao:The academician of CAS and director of Liver Transplantation Center in Jiangsu Province Hospital.

Zhou Yugang and Miao Xiumei:The deputy head of Jiangning District.

Lu Xiang:The vice principal of Nanjing Medical University and dean of Sir Run Run Hospital. 

Cao Changchun,Kong Lianbao and Song Haiwen:The deputy superintendent of Sir Run Run Hospital, Feng Qin:The vice director of Party committee and director of Discipline-inspection Commission of Sir Run Run Hospital.

Other people present included leaders of NMU, leaders of provincial, municipal and regional education and health department and other related ones, leaders of related institute of medicine, leaders of hospitals and universities in Jiangning, the person in charge of High-tech Park, delegation of NMU hospitals and hospital supervisors, etc.

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