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Sir Run Run’s Jiangsu to Huangshi Medical Support Team Shares Experience with 3200 Clinicians Around the World
2020-04-30  Number:1395

Author: Zijiao Tao    Reviewer: Su Dongming

The COVID-19 Roundtable aimed to share experience of Sir Run Run Hospital’s Jiangsu to Huangshi Medical Support Team took place at 9pmon April 24, 2020. Led by Sir Run Run Hospital President, Dr Lu Xiang, and some of the specialists on the team hosted in-depth discussions on the experience of COVID-19 prevention and control through phone conference. A total of 3200 clinicians attended the roundtable online. These clinicians are from countries all over the world, including Brazil, Peru, Chile and Colombia in South America, Canada and the United States in North America, the United Kingdom, Portugal and the North Sea oil fields in Europe, India and the Philippines in Asia.

The COVID-19 situation in China has been under control due to the joint efforts of the whole nation. As a young team of less than four years old, Nanjing Medical University Affiliated Sir Run Run Hospital bravely shouldered the social responsibility and sent four groups of 59 people to Wuhan and Huangshi Cities in Hubei Province. President Lu Xiang served as the Deputy Commander of Jiangsu frontline headquarters for epidemic prevention and control in Hubei Province and the leader of Huangshi medical support team from Jiangsu Province. In the frontline of Hubei epidemic prevention and control, our medical support team has collected valuable experience during their work in Huangshi City. President of Sir Run Run Hospital and Vice President of Nanjing Medical University, Dr Lu Xiang, ICU Director, Dr Zhao Wei, Emergency Medicine Director, Dr Shao Danbing, Respiratory Medicine Director, Dr Feng Ganzhu, Hospital Infection Management, Nurse Yan Xiufang, and other experts, in turn, made keynote speeches on the difficulties and key points in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Topics include: the differential treatment methods for mild and severe patients, the arrangement and control of the fever clinic, the management and protection experience of the aid medical team, etc.

The meeting lasted an hour, and presented slides in English. Our experts also answered the specific questions raised by clinicians from other countries. The meeting recording will be translated into audio files in Spanish, French, and other languages to share with clinicians who are non-native English speakers. In addition, Sir Run Run hospital also filmed and produced English video series, “COVID-19 Instructions and Suggestions”, on topics including self-protection of medical staff, PPE donning and doffing, foreign patient guide for and other related topics, which received praise and attention in the medical field.

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