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Sir Run Run Hospital Organized Graduate Students to Participate in the “A Joint Lesson" Theme Education Activities of the Provincial Education Department
2020-11-03  Number:1327

Writer: Zijiao Tao              Reviewer: Dongming Su

In order to carry forward the spirit of fighting COVID-19, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education organized graduate students to participate in the theme activity “A Joint Lesson" on October 29. Lu Xiang, Vice President of Nanjing Medical University and President of Sir Run Run Hospital, Shi Suofang, director of Respiratory Medicine of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Hu Jianli, Deputy Director of the Institute for Acute Infectious Diseases Control and Prevention Center of Jiangsu, told the story of the heroes who have been fighting COVID-19, and provided professional guidance for colleges and universities to better their job in the prevention and control of the epidemic. More than 100000 students from Jiangsu participated in this activity.

President Lu Xiang made the theme report named "Sacrifice Life and Death, Respect Science" at the activity. He reviewed his experience of leading the medical team to the front line of Hubei Province to fight the epidemic as the Deputy General Commander of the frontline command headquarters of Jiangsu Province in Hubei and the leader of Huangshi medical team, and summarized his feelings with the “ Four Unprecedented", and shared his valuable experience and thinking on the epidemic prevention and control work. Our hospital’s Office of Education organized graduate students to watch and study in Conference Room 407 and the student activity center of Nanjing Medical University.

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