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Department of Respiratory Medicine
  • Feng Gan Zhu
    Chief physician
    Professor Feng Ganzhu:the present academic leader, chief phy...
  • Department of Respiratory Disease includes outpatient departmentclinic service,general wards,respiratory intensive care unitcritical care.The laboratory of the Department is well-equipped with video and offers specialized lab tests and accessory tests such as electronic fiber bronchoscope、pulmonary function metertest as well as polysomnography system and is able to offer professional lab tests and accessory testssleep.

    In the past years,the Department has well-considered and standardized diagnostic andtherapeutic plans for such common illnesses of the respiratory system,for example,lung infection,COPD, pulmonary heart disease, bronchial asthma, pneumothorax,lung cancer,and interstitial lung disease.It also has treated amounts of critical patients and accumulated rich experiences in rescuing critical cases.During this time,it has developed, and has its unique style in the diagnosing and treating complicated and difficult cases such as fever of undetermined origin, chronic cough etc.

    Professor Feng Ganzhu is a chief physician and Ph.D. supervisor as well as our , the present academic leader, chief physician, doctoral supervisor . Prof. Feng is holding the posts of member of the Jiangsu Society of Respiratory Diseases and Nanjing Infectious Diseases Sub-Committee,member of Jiangsu Hospital Infectious Diseases and Gerontological Diseases Society of National Chinese Medical Association.He was granted with the national "May 1" Labor Medal and the six major talent capital projects in Jiangsu.Morever,he Jiangsu Province six big peak talent funding object. participated in many projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and key scientific and technological projects supported byof Jiangsu Province and Nanjing;

    The Department has 13 doctors, 6 are professors or associate professors and 5 with master’s degree. The Department has 33 beds (including 4 critical care beds) .The Department is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of patient care, basic science ,clinical research, and medical education. 

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