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  • Ji Ming
    Deputy director of the physician
    Master of medicine, associate chief physician, having engage...
  • Formally starting serving the public on January 28th, 2016, Sir Run RunHealth Management Center affiliated with Nanjing Medical University, is committed to providing all-round, multilevel, high-quality health management services to the society with its first-class team of experts, and to disseminating knowledge of health prevention and care as well as health promotion. Basing on preventive medicine theory, the center inspects people’s health condition, making early detection of diseases and health hazards. For healthy or sub-healthy people who haven’t had, just or are going to have a disease, it provides personalized check-up plans, healthy and nutritious diet guide, personalized medical care prescription, building up personal health archives for long-term health tracking.  

    The center has comfortable and quiet diagnosis and treatment environment, the most advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment,skillful expert teams, meticulous management processes and services of high standards. It has now been equipped with first-class equipment, as well as senior experts of the hospital for the main inspection team.

    The center is devoted to the establishment of comprehensive health management system characterized by exclusive package before the inspection, comfort and relaxation during the inspection, long-term follow-up after the inspection. With Sir Run RunShaw Hospital’s first-class expert teams as a basis, high-quality services as the core, and a multifaceted cooperation with the clinical expert teams, the health management center aims toachieveone-stop service.Basing on a comprehensive physical examination, this year the center promotes five distinctive overall health management modes, i.e., functional inspection of people with chronic diseases, of sub-health condition, who are losing weight, and of old age, and early tumor screening. It’s without doubt your exclusive health manager! 

    We will do our best to help you. Disease prevention is more essential than its treatment. With early treatment, your health will be ensured in the long-run.
    Sir Run Run Hospital Nanjing Medical University
    Add: No. 109, Longmian Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China
    A warm notice:
    A report will be received usually within three working days after the check-up.Should you have any questions, please consult the inspection doctor in the afternoon of any working day.

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